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Location shoot with Ruqayya


Yesterday I was sorting through the hard drive, trying to make some space. I came across these images and thought I’d post them to see what you think. They were done last year for Style Etc magazine – the model is Ruqayya Dost.  Would love some feedback.photographer rochdalephotographer rochdalerochdale photographerrochdale photographerrochdale photographer


What is art?


What is Art?


‘A work of art goes through many phases of development, but in each phase it is always a work of art. (Therein lies the importance of sketches.) A work of art is finished, from the point of view of the artist, when feeling and perception have resulted in a spiritual synthesis. – Hans Hofmann

Sounds good doesn’t it?  These “works of art” have definitely gone “through many phases of development” though not in the way Hofmann meant.

When we started to strip the studio, we found, behind three sheets of wallboard, an old range.  The stone mantle was covered in so many layers of wallpaper and paint it took three full days to strip.

amy best photographer  photographer rochdale
Working in small areas at a time we laid on Nitromors to dissolve the paint. As it began to take effect, the layers of paint bubbled up so that, as we scraped, it created  wonderful patterns. I couldn’t resist photographing the different stages.  Art indeed!

rochdale photographer                  rochdale photographer

In the end we managed to get the stone down to a smooth light turquoise colour. The range has been stripped of its rust and painted black.  Long ago it would have been the heart of the kitchen, the means of heating the house and providing many a hearty meal no doubt. It will never be as useful again but we think it adds a nice touch to the studio reception.

rochdale photographer

Happy Father’s Day!


best photographer in rochdaleWe had a very Happy Father’s Day here in the Postbox Studio though, as usual, it was the kids who stole the limelight.  It was supposed to be a treat for Dad so why were the children having so much fun?

Amy thought she was just earning some pocket-money when, to ease her student finances, she worked in children’s nurseries, sport’s clubs and even did a Amy Bestseason in France as a children’s entertainer.  Little did she know that all her experiences with children and babies back then would come in handy now.  Children are all different – some need coaxing, some love to pose and some just want to play – but they are all beautiful and Amy loves to capture them just as they are.  If a child doesn’t want to sit down and smile at the camera  they jolly well won’t!  It’s not problem at Postbox we just let them play and capture the smiles naturally.

Aleysha brought her Dad in.  She had decided what he had to wear (Aleysha is 10!) and as they play golf together, they brought their clubs and we got some great shots.

best photographer in rochdale

Little Will was too busy playing with his toys to pose but was quite happy reading a story with his Dad while Amy took some great natural shots.

Lucie and Emily had been here before so they knew the ropes – Lucie made sure Mum and Dad got the poses right.

The balloons went down a treat with Rio and Maisie but we’re not sure Mum and Dad will want to put this one on the wall!best photographer in rochdale

Must go and edit all these lovely images now!

Another busy makeover day……


Phew!  Another busy makeover day at Postbox Studio.  Our fab makeup artist, Kirsty, brought her brushes, pots of creams and colours and worked her magic on our lovely clients.

photographer in oldham        photographer in rochdale        photographer in rochdale        best photographer in rochdale

Friends, Chloe and Kmakeup artist postboxaty were first in and had a great time posing in front of the camera.

Then came mother and daughter, Freda and Sarah.  This is Sarah getting the finishing touches to her makeup done before heading into the studio for her shoot.

Bethany brought the whole family! She and Mum, Lisa, had a makeover then Dad and the boys joined them in the studio for a glam family shoot.  Lauren had the same idea bringing her boyfriend and little boy to join her on the photos.

The images are all uploaded and ready for editing and we can’t wait to show everyone the results.amy best photographer rochdale

Give us a call if you would like a makeover photo-shoot – bring a friend, bring your Mum – it’s nice to be pampered and great to see the results when we show you the finished images.

Well, it’s Father’s Day tomorrow so another busy day in the studio – must go out and buy some ” I ♥ my Dad” balloons .

The work begins………


So, if you been following the story you will know that I managed, after much stress, to buy the old Post Office in Smithybridge and that, with no money to spend, I was content to live in my big empty shell of a house with all my belongings around me, still in boxes.

best photographer rochdaleWell, I scraped some money together and got the place rewired and then a few months later a new boiler.  But that’s all the boring stuff – what was exciting was the large empty room downstairs that had been the Post Office.  The first thing we did was to get my good friend, Tony, who was to do all our building work, to bring his table tennis table.  (Well you have to get your priorities right!)  By the time we’d decided what to do down there we were world champions quite good at ping-pong.

best photographer rochdaleYou’ve met my Mum, haven’t you? (in previous posts, that is).  Being a canny woman, she had put a clause in her Will that meant that her grandchildren would only get their inheritance when they turned 25.  This gave Amy a good eighteen months to dream.  No doubt she dreamed of travelling the world or at least taking an exotic holiday or even going on a wild spending spree but, when it came to it, “sensible” Amy took over and she decided to put her money into setting up her own photography studio.  It wasn’t a fortune but enough to create a simple studio and reception.  And so, with some money put away to buy cameras, lenses and studio lights…………..

…….. we got down to work.

Stick to what you know


Photographer RochdaleWhen Amy was younger she did gymnastics (Sports Acrobatics).  Training three times a week, she worked hard and loved every minute of it.  At competitions I would take my camera and, because it was really difficult to get good shots of the gymnasts competing, I would stand Amy and her partner against a plain wall (if I could find one) to record the day.  Consequently I have lots of great photos of gymnasts doing absolutely nothing.

Photographer Amy Best       Photographer Oldham

So we had an idea!  We know about gymnastics and dance.  Why not try and record some moves in a more dynamic way?  Amy had a go and I took up the camera for a change.  The ceiling in the studio is low so we found it quite restricting but with some clever lighting and a fair bit of editing we got some good results.photoshoot rochdale

recommended photographer oldhamWhat to do next?  Well, we decided to invite some gymnasts and dancers in for a test shoot.  Chris Rait came in and jumped so high we were afraid he would go through the ceiling.

Then little Courtney, Harriett and Tracey Ray and her dancers came along.  The great thing about it is we could ask them to repeat a move over and over until we’d captured the right shot.  And they were happy to oblige, in fact they had a great time at the studio.  We then added some graphics to emphasize the movement.

recommended photographer lancashire

recommended photographer rochdale     recommended photographer rochdale

Our problem now was that the studio is a little cramped for this kind of shoot so rather than bringing the dancers/gymnasts to us we have decided to take the studio to them.   Tracey Ray was so impressed with her images that we have arranged to go out to one of her classes with our lights and backgrounds etc and photograph all her dancers.  We’ve arranged a shoot for the 27th June and can’t wait to see how it works out.  I’ll let you know how it goes but if you know any dance or gymnastics teachers in the North West who you think might be interested in something similar let us know and we’ll get in touch.