Hello world wide web – Postbox Studio here!


>Postbox Studio Littleborough in Lancashire

Studio at Postbox Rochdale

Postbox Studio

This is our studio – cute isn’t it!  It’s small but we have loads of backgrounds for different styles of image.  It’s surprising what you can do in such a small area but then “small is beautiful”

There are lots of photographers in Rochdale, Oldham , Halifax and around the Northwest and West Yorkshire so what do we offer that is different?  Well – we’re very friendly.  There’s just me and Amy!  I’m Lois and Amy is my lovely, talented daughter –  the photographer.  We like to make people feel at home in our studio – it can be a scary thing having your photograph taken if you’re not used to it!  So many people come into the studio terrified – like “rabbits in a headlight” and leave feeling like a celebrity.  We have two beautiful makeup artists, Kirsty and Hayley, who work their magic on makeover days.  We don’t do any of that hard selling either.  We hate it!  It’s not often that our clients don’t buy their images but if they decide for some reason they can’t afford them (new babies and small children are very expensive, let’s face it) that’s fine by us.  Most of the time they can’t resist.  Who wouldn’t want images of their children wide-eyed and beautiful? Or that precious bump?  They are images to treasure forever.

And we’re not expensive!  You hear horror stories of people being charged hundreds and even thousands of pounds for images, being told that their images will be deleted if they don’t buy them there and then! And then when they buy them they can only buy prints!

We want people to love their images – use them over and over – make cards and calendars and frame them for their Grans.  We sell our images on disc with copyright so that they can do just that. At the moment our top price is £375!!!!  For that our customers get ALL their images – and sometimes Amy can take up to 75 in an hour’s shoot (she gets carried away, you see) and a large canvas to bout!

So you see we may not be the biggest photography studio in the North West but we are well worth a visit.

Come back and I’ll tell you what goes on here – who comes in with a bump and comes back with a baby!  – teenagers who have loved dressing up and posing and big families who have squashed into our little studio and laughed their way through a photoshoot.

See you soon!


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