Happy Father’s Day!


best photographer in rochdaleWe had a very Happy Father’s Day here in the Postbox Studio though, as usual, it was the kids who stole the limelight.  It was supposed to be a treat for Dad so why were the children having so much fun?

Amy thought she was just earning some pocket-money when, to ease her student finances, she worked in children’s nurseries, sport’s clubs and even did a Amy Bestseason in France as a children’s entertainer.  Little did she know that all her experiences with children and babies back then would come in handy now.  Children are all different – some need coaxing, some love to pose and some just want to play – but they are all beautiful and Amy loves to capture them just as they are.  If a child doesn’t want to sit down and smile at the camera  they jolly well won’t!  It’s not problem at Postbox we just let them play and capture the smiles naturally.

Aleysha brought her Dad in.  She had decided what he had to wear (Aleysha is 10!) and as they play golf together, they brought their clubs and we got some great shots.

best photographer in rochdale

Little Will was too busy playing with his toys to pose but was quite happy reading a story with his Dad while Amy took some great natural shots.

Lucie and Emily had been here before so they knew the ropes – Lucie made sure Mum and Dad got the poses right.

The balloons went down a treat with Rio and Maisie but we’re not sure Mum and Dad will want to put this one on the wall!best photographer in rochdale

Must go and edit all these lovely images now!


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