Postbox Studio is a small photography studio in Littleborough, Lancashire near the beautiful Hollingworth Lake.  We love photographing all sorts of different people.  If you were to come to see us you would find us very friendly.  Our pictures are gorgeous and we don’t charge the earth because we think everyone should be able to afford lovely images of their loved ones.

Have a look at our website and tell us what you think of our work.  We would appreciate your feedback.

I’m looking forward to telling you what goes on behind the scenes here.


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  1. Hello, Many years ago, back in early 1990s I was friends with a Leanne Barrow (through Milano gymnastics wear and Sports Acro) and I have been trying to find her over recent years with no luck. And then I google imaged her and an image on this site came up – she is in a black leotard with two other gymnasts. I wonder if there is any way you could put me in touch with her, if you still know how to contact her? I would be very grateful, we were good friends…Many thanks, Susan Carruth

    • Hi Susan, yes I used to do gymnastics with Leanne, I don’t think she is on Facebook anymore but I have a friend Nina who works with her at school, do you have an email address I can pass onto Nina? x

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